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Beautiful Wooden Labyrinth Board Game 3 Brass Ball in Maze Puzzle (Size-6″)…

$25.21 $23.33
This is a round LABYRINTH, beautiful gift item for both boys and girls. The labyrinth is made in pure natural wood and has three small size steel balls that remain in the maze. The kids would enjoy not only by adroitly placing all the three balls in the central groove, they would also enjoy keeping it as a collectible item. Make a gift of this labyrinth to kids to help them develop better coordination between mind and hands, This LABYRINTH ball maze puzzle game is a maze game that is fun and engaging to play. The toy is hand fashioned out of Rose wood and consists of a large round disc, Handcrafted by the artisans of India.

Fakhr Wood Handicrafts Handcrafted Wooden Labyrinth Board Game Ball in Puzzle Toys – Indoor/Outdoor Puzzle Game Gifts for Kids/Boys/Girls | Wooden Board Brain Teaser Games Fun Game for Kids (6 inch)

$45.60 $26.30
  • Wood
  • Size: Height - 1 inches, Diameter: 6 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • Manipulate the game board to move the 3 steel balls to the center to win. This is mind challenging game played by everyone, anytime and anywhere.
  • Puzzles trigger the left side of the brain, which is mainly responsible for the cultivation of reasoning, objective, analytical and logical skills. It is a great game for the young minds.
  • This product is 100% handmade by skilled artisans. We support artisans and want to conserve the arts and crafts of old times. Please insist on buying from Fakhr Wood Handicrafts for quality assurance.

Kendama String Wooden Toys Great Game for Hand

$26.87 $21.25
  • Size 7.5 X 3.5 inches.
  • Ball diameter 1.25 inch.
  • String length 21 inches.
  • Excellent for Gifting Unique Style Completely Handmade Product.
  • Along with keeping your body safe, you can easily play it anywhere.
This is a very fine example of the game kendama, known in the west as cup-and-ball or balero, It is a game of physical skill where the aim is to repeatedly catch the ball, attached by a string, in the cup, This version is beautifully made in Rose wood by Arts Beauty Handicrafts people in India, The ball is securely attached by a cord, so no danger of it being lost, This is a high quality and well made product that will last a long time, the perfect gift for someone small, or even not so small, that you care for.