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The DO’s and DON’Ts of Dating Multiple ladies at the same time.

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Dating Multiple ladies at the same time.

There’s one course in specific that suits in evening once per week, and there’s a woman here whom we thought ended up being pretty sweet, when she moved with you?” in a friendly, casual manner by me on a break back to class I said “Hey, so what’s going on. She stopped, gradually looked to look at me personally in a type of “Why will you be conversing with me?” way, and stated, “Do I’m sure you?” Her a cocked eyebrow and playful smile, and a look like, “Really so I gave? You’re gonna be that way?” So she’s like, “Oh are you currently in my own course?” Me personally: “yeah.” Her: “Oh, you’re through the other in the elevator? evening” (Last course as many of us took place the elevator to go out of for the evening, we made some sort of enjoyable, positive remark in regards to the course and told everybody in there to possess an excellent evening, and I also could inform she had been interested in my confident, outbound character by her laugh there… For the matter another woman an alternative evening recently asked me personally on an “on the location date” to get grab coffee so i could practice step 1-3 of the flow… who knew the elevator could be such a great tool for picking up girls!) with her on a break, just from me making fun conversation with people on the elevator, but she wasn’t my type, so I just went along for the fun and was nice and friendly to her. Therefore after that she rushed up to stay close to me personally and then we had a great, energetic conversation, her a bit and her smiling and laughing a lot with me teasing. Therefore after that I kept sporadically speaking along with her the couple that is next, developing more friendly connection in the long run, attempting to sporadically inject playful or teasing jabs where i could.

So that the other evening we finished up both looking forward to the train after class together – we both reside away from town, like a 45 moment or more train ride, in towns which can be about fifteen minutes apart in identical way out across the same train line. Therefore we stood together together with the right discussion for the entire train trip, building more connection, referring to tiny talk things like meals with a of your life objectives and passions – until it absolutely was time on her behalf to have off and then we stated goodnight.

And so I have actually a couple of questions on this situation: One, i am aware i ought ton’t run into too keen or stalkerish, and really should differ my attention and speak with other individuals within the course (which I’ve been doing), but I’m wondering now at this time if it might be weirder to basically assume to drive the train together away just about each week (cuz same train line, which just comes by about every 20 mins, so difficult not to ever be regarding the very same train many nights), or weirder to avoid riding the train together some nights (we don’t understand, like rush away from course quickly without saying goodbye and get stay on the furthest away pickup platform). My instinct tells me to move with assuming we’ll ride together many nights cuz it’d be strange to try and avoid her (with no one else rides out of our class, a lot of people reside in the town), but in order to make some type of joke for wanting to talk to such a cool, interesting guy, makes the time pass a lot quicker… Just don’t take this as an invitation to start stalking me if we head out together all the time…” or something like that… (figure out what feels most natural and funny to say in the moment about it at the end of next class like “So I bet you want to ride out with me again huh?… It’s cool, nobody can blame you)

Second, she appears like a cool woman therefore far, has some sort of soft, pretty look and demeanor about her, appears like a pretty “good girl”, family-oriented, has aspirations in life, hard-working…

but I’m wanting to avoid stepping into a severe relationship, since I got away from a lengthy one some time ago. I’m experiencing just like the timing might be appropriate an see for yourself the website additional 14 days to state “Hey, what about we grab one thing to consume after course, there’s this destination which includes a great night that is late hour off my train stop, we could chill for a little, involve some more laughs. We won’t remain out too belated since both of us need to work early tomorrow”, or whatever we show up with. Therefore like it could get messy like you guys warn about in 21 Ways from escalating too soon in a class, if she starts asking about being serious or not, if I’m seeing other people (I’m not yet, but I’m trying to get there… pushing myself to be more and more social everywhere, talk to girls at bars when I get time to go out, which I’m still struggling to start and keep conversations interesting in that environment, so need to keep working on)… and if she’s not cool with that, it could be an awkward rest of the semester if I end up dating her mid-semester, and I’m seeing other girls at the same time, I feel. But we don’t away want to hide from getting the things I want either and place things down too much time and miss away on possibilities.


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